I’m a Relationship Consultant/Empowerment Coach which basically means I help people with interpersonal, personal and/or romantic relationships. To give you a better yet general idea, I like to say I’m like Carrie Bradshaw mixed with Hitch!

While all clients are unique and have their own personal reasons to seek my advice- the foundation of my methodology lies in the “big picture”- combining the “spiritual” (aka intuition, instincts, things bigger than ourselves) with the “practical” (aka science, biology, diet, stress level, home environment, lifestyle etc. etc); all of which factors directly impact one’s own self fulfilment, dating life, dating experiences and present/future relationships.

My first session with any client involves a numerology reading and an overall look into one’s day to day lifestyle and present circumstance, then creating a personal plan that involves one-on-on coaching combined with one-on-one workshops geared towards, but not limited to, helping a client; understanding their strengths, recognizing and working through their weaknesses, enhancing communication skills and overall self-confidence, connecting with their senses/sensuality etc. etc.

The purpose for such is to connect all the dots-understand and be aware of all aspects that come into play with who we are and how we function and ultimately grow into the best versions of ourselves.


As mentioned, my ideology in regards to anything in life is about having knowledge and combining the “spiritual” (intuition/concepts bigger than ourselves) with the “practical” (science, biology, diet, lifestyle etc. etc). It doesn’t matter whether someone comes to me purely for self help or if someone’s focus for seeking me is for dating advice- it’s important to understand and consider that everything has a part to play in who we are as people. It’s silly to say that as humans we have no control over our destiny and that “fate” dictates everything; it’s equally just as silly to claim that our feelings, behaviors and experiences are all based on fact, logic or science.
So with this perspective in mind- In all my sessions with all my clients, I apply that spiritual and practical knowledge which I’ve obtained through intuition, research and experience.
Since I have a strong, clear sense of intuition-For all my clients initially, I’ll always do their numerology which involves one’s full name and birthday. This creates an honest and real dialogue between myself and my client, more importantly- it truly helps and is insightful. Numerology not only can provide a sense of direction and purpose as the central concepts revolve around one’s strengths energetically, their life path, destiny, soul’s intention etc. etc. but also can give a sense of relief in understanding, or providing confirmation, about certain experiences and feelings in one’s life. Numerology is always positive and is beneficial for anyone at any age.
As my gift of intuition through instinct and numerology is a big and important part of my work, it is just one part of a whole picture. Having knowledge about science in the way our mind and body works and considering our day to day lifestyle is just as important.
That being said, along with my client’s numerology, I will also look at:
diet and activity level- how you move your body, what you eat and how you nourish your body will logically affect the way you feel. Eating junk, throwing off your sugar levels provoking your body to send mixed messages to the brain will certainly affect the way you feel about yourself and your overall function.
home environment- where you spend most your time, affects how you are energetically outside that space.
Stress- how you deal with conflict contributes to how you make healthy resolutions.
Relationships- who we are involved with romantically or platonically influence our priorities, present/future decisions and emotions about ourselves.
Communication- how we talk to ourselves and the way we address others under any circumstance reveals how we feel and our integrity.

Connection to the senses- the foundation of sensuality is through our senses; touch, taste, see, hear and smell- how we identify and connect to our primary senses correlate with nurturement and intimacy.
…so on and so forth.
Balancing all these aspects in a space that is light, fun and unjudgmental provided by my genuine energy, passion and personality is what makes me so personally fulfilled as well as successful in what I do: helping people help themselves.


Cristina Bibi

Cristina Bibi

Relationship Consultant/Empowerment Coach

My story is simple: while I don’t mean to down play my talents and the journey I went through to get to where I am, because it’s nothing short of amazing, I don’t have the “glory story,” you know- the one of coming from 4 generations of “psychics” or being an apprentice to my grandmother who was the local matchmaker lol….ever since I can remember, I was just “that friend.” That crazy, cool, funny, honest and somehow “always right” friend or person people naturally confided in, sought advice from and looked up to for moral and emotional strength.

Effortlessly, I always had a way of making anyone feel comfortable communicating their honest thoughts, feelings and experiences. It occurred to me at a young age that this ability where people heavily gravitated to me was not a common characteristic that my other peers possessed, more importantly what I came to realize was my very strong sense of innate intuition. Being so aware of myself and sensitive to my surroundings, it was clear that these “coincidences” about myself weren’t just mere coincidences, and it was obvious I had a gift and a purpose for that gift.At around the age of 16/17 I was doing small “readings” for friends and friends of friends that proved to help them tremendously.

As I got older and nurtured my intuition more and more, word spread on how helpful my advice was especially in terms of dating and relationships. Next thing I knew, due to the fact that I was so open and vulnerable about my own dating experiences combined with my intuition and logic about a healthy lifestyle, infused with my funny, outgoing personality…I had single or dating men and women, young and old, asking me things like “How do I not feel awkward on dates?” or “ I want to explore my sexuality with my girlfriend/boyfriend, how do I go about that?” or “ I keep attracting the same type of person, why and how do I change that?” and essentially, seeking me out as a relationship consultant.

As unconventional as it all may seem, everything just evolved naturally because I am always happiest when I’m creating, connecting, communicating and helping others-it’s simply what I’m meant to do; and what gives me so much confidence in this, is through the confirmation I receive in the countless people I help and the feedback I get on how my energy, time and knowledge has given them so much peace of mind, hope and perspective.


First Session:


Includes Numberology & Overview of Lifestyle


Personal Plan for Success

(80 Minutes)

One – On – One

Follow Up Sessions and/or Workshops:


(50 Minutes)


(30 Minutes)